Hosting photography tours has never been on my radar. My business consists of travel photography, project management, public speaking and conferencing, all of which keep me incredibly motivated and busy! But in the past few years, as I’ve started to think about ways to give back to the world, a new idea began to emerge in my mind …

You see, although my career is my passion I also have another passion, one that has been in the background for a long time. That passion is Zimbabwe, the country of my partner’s birth. Through all my travels in this incredible country I am always asking myself two questions: Why are there no tourists here? And how can I help our family more? In 2016 the answer came to me and the idea for this tour was born!

This tour is about much more than learning and practicing photography. It’s about doing some good in the world. I don’t know about you, but I always feel so small when I think about the world’s problems – small and inconsequential. And yet I know that I make a difference to people’s lives and to a number of causes I support, and that has made me stop and think about people power. If we all help in some way, then bit-by-bit we can make the world a better place.

I have put this tour together so that I can make a contribution in three important ways:

Number one: I want to provide employment opportunities and hope for my family in Zimbabwe, my partner’s siblings and their children. I can do this by hiring them to help with my tours – driving, hosting us on authentic village experiences, and sharing their company and stories about Africa.

Number two: I hope to stimulate the tourism industry and the economy in a country that I care deeply about. Zimbabwe has been given a bad rap by the media and it’s time that people learned first-hand how much this country has to offer and the real stories behind her fall from grace.

Number three: I want to create a more significant impact out of the relationship I have formed with the Bumi Hills Foundation. This incredible non-profit organization in Lake Kariba actively saves animals and has a lot to say about poaching, human-wildlife conflict and education. I am proud to be involved with their cause.

My first tour will be offered in 2019 with dates and prices still to be released. If you are interested in visiting Zimbabwe with me please complete the expression of interest form and download the PDF for more information.


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