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Ever since I quit my job in early 2012 to embark on this career I have looked at ways to add value to my clients. Although many know me for my work in travel, over 200 trips in 5 years, I’m also an experienced project manager and have facilitated influencer campaigns all around the world. I continue to evolve and advance my offerings and I’m always happy to put together packages that suit. Please contact me to chat about your project.


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* I require a minimum of five days for domestic (Australian) travel jobs and 7 days for international work
** Travel days are included as campaign days

  • 1-2 Instagram posts daily inclusive of client’s @username, #hashtag and geotag
  • Branded Instagram Story Posts
  • All edited images available in High Resolution, Portrait Orientation, Facebook Resized & Instagram Square Crop for social media usage (with credit)
  • Facebook, Google+ and Trover posts
  • One Steller story inclusive of client information and web links where applicable
  • A two hour “Instagram for Marketing” workshop, given online OR in region *conditions apply
  • Report on reach, impressions and media value including job feedback and supporting evidence


* Subject to brand alignment

  • Creation of unique content featuring your brand or product
  • Branded post/s inclusive of client’s @username and #hashtag, plus paid partnership disclosure
  • Branded Instagram Story Post
  • Personal Facebook Post
  • Short report

GROUP TRIPS OF UP TO 10 INFLUENCERS (Domestic & International)

*Project management services are applicable to paid admin days in addition to campaign days
** Ask me about the Aussie Influencer Project

  • A two hour “Instagram for Marketing” workshop, given online OR in region *conditions apply
  • Project pitch & KPI’s
  • A proposed influencer list based around the client’s needs and target markets
  • All influencer communications and negotiations
  • Influencer contracting if required
  • Pre-campaign support including itinerary and logistics
  • Flight bookings (optional extra)
  • In region hosting or co-hosting and expense handling
  • Project wrap up and thorough reporting
  • Payment of influencers

PLUS, the following influencer services from myself –

  • 1 Instagram post daily inclusive of client’s @username, #hashtag and geotag
  • Branded Instagram Story Posts
  • All edited images available in High Resolution, Portrait Orientation, Facebook Resized & Instagram Square Crop for social media usage (with credit)
  • Facebook, Google+ and Trover posts
  • One Steller story inclusive of client information and web links where applicable

“Lauren has a style that invites self discovery. It’s easy to tell people where to point their cameras and which filters to consider. That makes images. Lauren walks with people and very subtly guides them how to see where they are. That makes memories. This left me to rediscover where I am, even in my hometown. I found myself thinking and looking like a traveller on a journey again, not just a tourist sightseeing and snapping. Thanks Lauren!”

Chris Holly, Professional Photographer Canberra

[To Lauren] “If I can be super honest with you (I know you run courses and lots of people listen to you as an influencer) our problem with pitching has not been product interest or price, it’s been getting people to submit their content. I thought with your Melbourne course coming up, it might be worth calling out just how much admin, follow up and skin in the game you personally have. I don’t think the others get it. With that in mind, I just wanted to say a personal thanks to you, someone who flies the world, works day and night, that you were able to submit content when other people just didn’t. It’s your dedication to the industry and influencing that makes you top of your field.  In case no one has told you this week, I wanted to let you know that we think you’re great!”

Krista Eppelstun, Stock Passport

“I met Lauren over 3 years ago after sending her a direct message through Instagram. She was someone I looked up to and aspired to be. I’d been following her journey on Instagram and reading countless articles about ‘Australia’s first professional Instagrammer’, being inspired by her beautifully curated feed, her photographs that tell stories and her intriguing posts of locations she has visited upon her travels – each post making me add another location to my bucket list. I reached out to Lauren for some advice on how to ‘make it in the industry’; she responded straight away and provided me with more information than I could have ever wished for. That’s Lauren, she’s open, hard working, full of integrity, helpful and willing to provide information to others to help sustain and make this industry as honest and authentic as possible. Since then she has continued to be my mentor and friend. I have worked with Lauren on numerous occasions as a ‘travel influencer’, she is professional, honest, a great laugh and the best fun to work with. I would recommend Lauren to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Sera Wright, Influencer

“I knew Lauren initially through attending one of her brilliant Bootcamp workshops, but was lucky enough to get to know her personally when I won a weekend mentoring session with her through the Choice TravelGrammer 2017 competition.

Throughout the competition itself and the mentoring weekend, Lauren was beyond generous with her knowledge and her time. She went above and beyond in sharing her expertise and experience, and was invaluable when helping me structure the business side of my photography. She has an easy and relatable way of teaching and explaining, and a sincere desire to help educate and mentor those emerging within the industry.

Lauren is totally approachable, she is genuine and easy to get along with, and best of all is great fun! I spent as much time laughing during the weekend as I did learning! I would highly recommend Lauren as a teacher/mentor to anyone interested in any of her workshops, tours or other services on offer. Her advice and knowledge is invaluable.”

Georgie Mann, Influencer

“I’ve been working alongside Lauren since 2013, when she pioneered the Australian influencing scene and was at the forefront of creating what remains today – a strongly linked group of hard-working, passionate photographers. I have watched and been incredibly inspired seeing Lauren continue to grow from strength to strength; constantly pushing herself creatively and through each highly successful business venture. She is one of the kindest, most loyal, genuine and hard-working individuals I have ever met and I am very grateful to now call her not only my idol and mentor, but also my friend.”


Melissa Findley, Influencer

“I’ve known Lauren for about 3 years. We first met an Instameet she had organised. My first thought on meeting “Australias first professional instagrammer” was “wow she’s so humble”.

Meeting Lauren at the very start of my career in the industry proved to be life changing for me. I can honestly say that her guidance has been the main reason I’ve not only been able to follow my passion but to be paid to do it.

She is always there for not only myself but for anyone who reaches out to her. For someone so busy she always finds time to help out others which proves my thoughts that she is not only very intelligent, but also a truly genuine & driven person who is passionate & dedicated to sustaining a integral & honest industry.

I’m very fortunate to have Lauren not only as a great mentor but also a friend.”

Casey Eveleigh - Photographer


Instagram PRO Workshop for brands and businesses (3 hours)

Includes: What is Instagram and why your business should be using it, how to use Instagram effectively, 7 ways to curate content, working with influencers and more.

Instagram Influencer Workshop (3 hours)

Includes: Instagram strategy, improving your photography, influencer benchmarks, monetising, a crash course in destination marketing, writing a media kit and pricing.


I am experienced at speaking on a variety of topics, both for industry and consumer-facing conferences. Last year I spoke at the Sydney and Melbourne Travel Industry Exhibition, Luxperience Sydney, Great Ocean Road’s “Marketing Masterclass”, Capture Magazine’s “Foto Live”, Camera PRO and at my own conferences “The Travel Bootcamp” and “The Modern Travel Media Summit”.


Sessions available on request.


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