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This is the online photography course that I have wanted to write for years, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome team at Passion IO pushing me to finally do it. 12 months of negotiations, months of revisions and content writing, weeks of filming and finally my very first online photography course is now live.

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A Beginners Guide to Photography

Ever since I picked up my first camera it’s seemed like I’ve learned things the hard way. And yet, I still managed to learn. When I came out the other side of that experience, it was with a passion to help others master their camera. In my early days of business I spent a lot of time teaching photography, even setting up impromptu workshops on my travel jobs. But when things got hectic – and they did get hectic in my world – this was one of the first services to fall by the wayside. It was a case of too much time and effort for too little profit, not a smart way to run a business.

For years I didn’t officially offer photography tuition until a company in Germany approached me to record my own online course. After more than a year of negotiations and getting to know each other, I was ready to work with these guys and the result is something I am very, very proud of. My first online photography course: a beginner’s guide to photography.

I worked on the content for months and I know I got the balance right because I learned this way myself. For you though, there’ll be no stupid mistakes. And with an online course it is So. Much. More. Affordable! The course was shot on Australia’s Gold Coast, my hometown, with a talented filmmaker and the results are stunning.

But don’t just read about it here, check out the preview video above to learn more.

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