1. How did you get so many followers?

It was really easy actually. All I did was start using Instagram 8 years ago, buy a professional camera, upload great photography several times a day, and spend up to 6 hours a day on the platform engaging with other accounts. Haha

In all seriousness though, this is my most commonly asked question of all time and it’s difficult to give a good answer. All I can say is, I really did put a huge amount of effort into my Instagram account and other social media profiles, and I did it all whilst learning photography and networking with thousands of other people.

People say that it’s harder to grow an Instagram audience these days but many aren’t prepared to put in the time that’s needed or to accept that their content isn’t engaging enough.

My biggest tip for anyone wanting “more followers” (I hear that all the time) is to create truly strong and engaging content, to spend time giving back to the community and engaging with others, to pour their heart and soul into their endeavours, and to work at it consistently for years.

2. Can I have a shout out?

Easily my second most frequently asked question, and unfortunately the answer is usually no. Instagram is a saturated platform and even a shout out from the biggest account won’t get you far if you’re not doing all of the above.

For you, a short-lived peak of followers from a “shout out” won’t translate to instant fame. Instead, focus on putting in the time and using your energy to improve your content, whether that is images, video or writing.

For me, giving shout outs dilutes my own account and distracts my audience from what I’m trying to achieve with my work. On the very rare occasions when I have shouted out another Instagrammer it has always been because I know them personally and have made my own mind up to feature their work, not because they’ve asked me.

3. Can I be your assistant?

Maybe! Who knows what the future holds? My current assistant is a delegate from my first ever Travel Bootcamp conference and she worked her way into my life gradually, proving her value as time went on.

Even if I don’t have any job opportunities currently, if you want to work with me, or even in my industry, it pays to network and engage with me over social media, at my events and during my travels. I’m always motivated to meet like-minded and passionate creatives.

4. How do I get your job?

This is another commonly asked question, frequently accompanied by a sigh of jealousy. Haha. To be honest, my job is a one-of-a-kind, invented by me and constantly evolving.

Despite the glamour of the travel photography that many people see, there is also a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. I always tell people to be careful what they wish for, as missing social events, working through the weekend, spending most of your time away from your loved ones and making so many personal sacrifices is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For me, I am living my best life. I know that because (like I said) I created my dream job. What is your best life? I genuinely believe that if you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing then your success will come easily.

5. Can we grab a coffee so I can “pick your brain”?

I often receive emails asking me for an hour of my time to pick my brain and I hate to say no! As someone who has prided myself on helping others throughout my career, I find it really hard to explain to people that, given my workload, I genuinely don’t have the time to have a coffee with everyone that wants to get into the influencer industry.

When I’m travelling and if I have the space in my itinerary I’m always keen to catch up with social media friends, but when I’m at home I prioritize my time to spend with my partner, family and friends.

If you are serious about moving into this industry and you have a genuine desire to learn more I offer consultancy sessions and also run my own conference and speak at many other industry events. You can check the “Events” tab to learn more about my conferences and download a PDF on my influencer workshops on my “About” tab.

If you want to meet me first, before making a commitment to come to an event and to make sure I’m not a jerk, I regularly host Instameets on the Gold Coast and on my travels – watch my Instagram for information.

6. So, how do you get paid?

I’m the first to admit that my job can be confusing to understand; after all, it is a product of my overactive imagination. In a nutshell, the bulk of my work is with brands and destination marketing organizations (tourism boards) that pay me to travel.

The package that I offer my clients is a definitive social media package comprising education, content (photography my clients can use on their own social media platforms) and awareness of their destination or brand to my online audience. I am under no obligation to provide coverage of specific experiences and I never lie! My job is to discover what I love on each job and to share that with my words and images.

7. When are you coming to [insert destination]?

I’m always asked where I’m going to pop up next and it’s easy to lose track and forget to let people know I’m heading their way. The best place to find a relatively live update of where I am is my Instagram account. Sometimes I don’t change my bio in time, but my Instagram stories usually show exactly what I’m up to. If I don’t have any recent content up, just email or DM me.

8. How do I know if you’ve got an event coming up?

As much as I will try to keep my events page up-to-date, I’m only human and might sometimes miss one.

For my baby, the Travel Bootcamp, the best bet is to sign up to the mailing list. I promise our emails are amazing.

Alternatively, I do post about most upcoming events on Instagram too.

9. How do I engage your services?

I pride myself on keeping up with my correspondence and most enquiries receive an answer within 48 hours.

In saying that, I strongly encourage you to email me, as DM’s can often be opened when I’m busy and business enquiries can take time to answer properly. Use the online contact form or my email address: info@laurenbath.com . In the meantime there are also lots of downloadable resources available in the media kit & resources page

10. Do you ever work contra?

The question that all people in creative industries are asked, do I work contra? (For free)

The answer is yes, occasionally. I will consider contra opportunities if the value of what you’re offering is equal to the value of what you are asking of me. Several times a year I work on conservation, not-for-profit and charity projects of my choosing. Asking doesn’t guarantee I will answer yes, but I consider each opportunity carefully, whether paid or unpaid

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