First comes awareness – an offer

It started in 2022. I was pregnant with William and waking up early each morning with Makia. 

I noticed that my fatigue each day was almost unlivable. I would half-heartedly complete my daily tasks, do the bare minimum of parenting (this was the iPad era, sorry, Makia) and limp to the finish line by dinner time.

As a parent, I understand why parents resort to screen time. However, the amount that Makia was getting at such a young age was hugely out of value alignment for me, and I regularly felt guilty about it.

Often, cooking dinner was too overwhelming to contemplate, so we would order Uber Eats.

Then, one morning, I woke up with a tiny sliver of space between my thoughts and the observation of my thoughts (my higher self). 

I rushed to my whiteboard to jot down what had come through. I wrote, “What is the loop/pattern you are stuck in?”

I realised that I was waking up each morning (before I was ready, because 2-year old), and the very first thought I would have was “I’m tired”. 

With that thought planted, my emotions (often guilty or anxious) would kick into drive. I’d start to have feelings about my emotions, resulting in more thoughts about being tired, feeling guilty for being tired, feeling anxious about everything I had to do that I was too tired to do, and so on. 

From that very first moment of consciousness of my day, I was manifesting a reality from the place of “I’m tired” – until I caught the thought and intentionally changed it. 

Not long afterwards, I had the first idea for a journal practice. I wanted to create it under my business at the time, Phhnix. The girls and I discussed it and ultimately decided that there were too many other priorities. 

Since then, I thought about it often. How incredible would it be to have a journal practice that helped you gain awareness of your thoughts first thing in the morning when it’s not too late to intentionally change them and create a different reality? 

But of course, I had decided not to work by that stage, so my idea lay dormant. 

Until 2023. In 2023, I felt good within myself, but I was definitely feeling very unclear on my path, purpose and what I wanted to do in business next. 

This lack of clarity created a new loop/ pattern of unfulfilled dreams, unrealised creations and stuckness. 

Then, in June last year, when I was experimenting with a dopamine detox, and with my creative juices flowing as a result, I jotted down the first version of what prompts my ‘Awareness Journal’ would contain. 

An entire draft fell out of the sky, into my head and onto the page—a download.

Along with some marketing ideas, haha.

In June and July, I spent a stupid amount of time trying to design it perfectly in Canva with all the written context pieces. 

The slight problem being … I’m not a designer.

I’m not a designer, can you tell?

I shelved the idea. Again. 

A few months later, I was feeling even more stuck! I was recovering from Covid and lethargic AF. A serendipitous conversation in September led to me going to the beach for an ocean swim to stir up some energy, and it worked! 

Less than a fortnight later, in October,  I woke up to journal, got utterly sick of my own shit and created the first draft of my Awareness Journal in Pages. (The Mac version of Microsoft Word). 

I printed out seven days’ worth of practice and committed to using it every morning. Whenever I had a new idea, I jotted it onto a Post-it note, and after the week was up, I created version 2.

The ideas were flowing thick and fast.

I repeated this four more times (for versions 3,4, 5 and 6) and finally decided to unveil it to Dreamboat and two trusted friends.

By this stage, I’d been using it myself for over two months, and the clarity I was gaining was wild. A quick 15- 20 minutes each morning allowed me to reflect on the previous day, check in with my current state, and set an intention for the day ahead. 

I visited a print store to print five copies of a thirty-day practice and to have them bound into books. One was for my next month, one for Dreamboat, one each for Kait and Emmanuelle (besties) and a spare in case I needed it. 

But serendipity kicked in again. Due to a series of issues, hiccups, printer errors and inconsistent customer service, I ended up with way more than five copies.

The printer fiasco resulted in a huge trigger and lesson for me, too. What a story that is!

There is no context to the practice. There is no design whatsoever. It is a Pages document printed onto paper and bound with a spiral binder. I can’t sell it as it is. 

Correction. I can sell it, but only if I’m involved. 

Which has led me to put together a package. 

I want to sell seven journal + coaching packages. 

What this includes: 

  • A one-on-one onboarding call (90 minutes – 2 hours) with me to take you through the context and many nuances of the journal.

This onboarding call will include seeing a chart I recently put together (another download) that clearly shows the link between morning thoughts, emotions, feelings, nervous system state and the reality you create. 

  • Four one-on-one weekly calls (60 minutes) at the end of each week you use the practice. 

These calls will help you decipher where you’re at (awareness) and to deepen your understanding of the practice.

  • One of only seven physical prototype journals I will sell posted to you anywhere in the world, and, 
  • A PDF download of the journal after our agreement ends for you to print and use whenever needed. 

You’ll also have unprecedented access to me for the month for this reason:

I’ll be asking something of you, too. 

I plan on finalising this journal, having it designed and printed, and selling it as a tool worldwide. 

So, I’ll use this beta round to gather feedback, finesse how I present the journal and its context, and collect testimonials. 

The reason why I’m offering coaching at all, let alone this cheaply, is so that I can do all of that. 

Who do I see this journal helping:

What sets this practice apart from anything else I’ve seen on the market is that it is specifically designed to help you create an intentional life by increasing your awareness of all the factors that stop you from achieving what you want. 

This includes your thoughts, emotional state, nervous system, behaviours, life cycles (lunar, seasonal, menstrual if applicable) and more. 

The journal can be used as a temporary practice to help you move through something or a permanent practice to keep you on track. 

I see this practice helping everyone, but particularly helping anyone who feels stuck right now. (I’d define stuck as being engaged in habits, thoughts or emotional states that make you feel guilty rather than those that move you closer to your dreams and goals.) 

What the practice includes: 

There are three main sections: Where you were, where you are and where you want to be. 

Where you were: A space to reflect on the previous day, what you did and didn’t do, how you felt and any wins or reflections. 

Where you are: An honest check-in with where you’re at, including your morning thoughts, any dreams you remember (this is our subconscious speaking to us), where your nervous system is at, what sensations your body is experiencing, and how to decipher their message and much more. 

Where you want to be: A practice in intention setting, including creating a daily affirmation and prescribing self-care rituals from a list of my favourite tools. 

How long does it take:

I’ve got my practice down to fifteen minutes, ideally done first thing in the morning. (But I can tell you it’s powerful no matter when you do it or how distracted you are. That little bit of awareness goes a long way.)

How much: 

I’m selling seven packages at $777 each. (Including taxes). This price includes six hours of one-on-one coaching with me. (Which I’ll record and send to you to keep.) 

How can I sign up:

I’ll be taking people on a first-come, first-served basis. Email me back that you’re in, and I’ll send you a tax invoice for $777. Once you’ve paid it, we can book your five sessions, and I’ll get a journal in the post straight away. 

I’m so excited to sell something that I’ve created and something that’s helped me so much. This practice has taken me from a place of profound uncertainty to a place of alignment, vision, certainty and possibility. It’s guided my decision-making in the best possible way and boosted my confidence immensely. 

I can’t wait to work with people on this! 

Email me if you’re a hell yes!

Keen to lean in?

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