snowy covered ground with blue sky and ever green trees

Ahh Quebec, how are you even in Canada when you seem to be such completely different worlds? My first French adventure happened in the strangest place and in a destination that I’m sure not many people even think to travel to- Quebec Canada!  When I was approached to visit Canada again, not too long after my inaugural visit, I absolutely jumped at the chance but soon realized that the destination might pose a new set of challenges photographically.

You see, in the early days of my travel career I actually believed myself to be a “landscape photographer” and felt most at home when in nature with my trusty bag of photography equipment and a sturdy tripod. For a region like Quebec I knew that I could expect more time spent in cities immersed in culture and history, a nightmare for a so-called landscape photographer.

Despite my skepticism not only was Quebec more than worthy of my lens but that trip marked the beginning of my transition to valuing myself as a destination and social photographer. And I barely had to pick up my tripod! I also spent a lot of time reflecting on what really strikes me when I visit…Continue Reading