brown bear in finland in a green field with birds flying over head

Through all of my experiences and my big career transition from chef to travel photographer I have been incredibly lucky. However sometimes you need to make your own luck and that’s just what I did when I first approached Tourism Finland and asked them to hire me. Cold pitching, as I call it, is quite intimidating when what you have on offer is very decidedly “new media”. Amazingly not only were Tourism Finland keen to have me out but they were absolutely awesome about accommodating my itinerary to show me the best of what Finland has to offer.

Upon my recommendation we decided that I would have the chance to photograph wild bears as well as visit Lapland and find out exactly what huskies do in the summer. I could not have been happier with the diversity of regions and activities. Finland has always been of interest to me, which is why I contacted them in the first place, yet I never hear many people expressing a desire to go. I set out to change that with my new attitude and style of photographing destinations, telling the story piece by piece and finding out exactly what makes…Continue Reading