About Lauren

Lauren EP Bath
Lauren Bath is a chef turned photographer turned social media influencer thanks to her success on the popular photo-sharing site Instagram. An early adoption of the platform saw Lauren’s followers skyrocket way before Instagram was as widely used as it is now. In early 2013 Lauren saw potential with her 200,000+ followers and quit her job to become Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, a title she earned by her ability to monetize off her social media reach and Instagram style photography.

Since then Lauren continues to grow her skills set and now specializes in putting together her own Instagram campaigns, drawing on her extensive knowledge of influencers and marketing. Also moving into education Lauren is gaining experience hosting social media and social photography workshops and speaking publicly about her journey. Lauren’s philosophy towards social media marketing is to continually strive to provide value and accountability to her clients whilst remaining true to her own photography and respecting her online fan base.